8 Interview Question & Answers for H-1B work visa

Top11  Interview tips for USA Work Visa

You have been offered a job in the  United States and your employer has received approval for H-1B visa. You have scheduled an appointment with the US embassy in your country for the interview. It is all natural that you are nervous about the interview process as its outcome will decide if you will be approved for H-1B visa or not. The key to your success is your self-confidence and being well prepared. You must know what you can expect in the interview and be prepared with confident answer. Our Immigration attorney NYC will guide you to get visa easily

The visa interview and job interview are two different matters and must be dealt with differently. If you are not well prepared for the visa interview process and are unable to answer the questions with confidence you may end up getting refused for H-1B visa. If you do not understand a question, it is always better to politely request to rephrase the question so that you answer it truthfully and correctly.

  1. It is well said that first impression is the last impression. People judge the book by the cover, so it is important that you dress smartly with a nice haircut to look professional.
  2. A smiling face is an indication of confidence so do not be shy to smile whenever necessary.
  3. You should make sure that all the information on the forms such as name, date of birth are same as on your passport.
  4. Please do not leave any section of the application forms unfilled.
  5. Please try not to hide any information about you or your family members and all the information should be correct.
  6. The copies of all the documents should be clear and legible. Arranging all the documents in order will be helpful during the interview as you could be able to provide any information quickly if you which document is where.
  7. Try to arrive at the US embassy or consulate earlier than the scheduled interview time.
  8. You must be prepared to answer the questions regarding your job experience, prospect employer in the US and the H1-B visa.
  9. Though it is possible to ask for interpreter, you should be able to communicate in English to perform your job in the US.
  10. Please try not to argue and avoid to be rude while answering questions.
  11. Avoid asking any unnecessary questions.


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