5 USA Fiance K1 Visa details

Many foreign nationals have a dream to visit USA and live permanently in the United States of America. in order to enter and live permanently in the USA, every person must need a US visa and or green card for permanent resident. The process to become a US citizen is first you need to apply for a visa(it may depends on an applicant’s educational background and work skills). after getting a visa and enter into the America, an applicant can stay whatever duration days maintenance on the visa. after visa expiration a traveler must leave the country. otherwise it leads to overstaying or deportation problems. if you ever face deportation problem, just take a legal help from our Deportation attorney NYC.

Generally The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)issues a green card those who are applied for Adjustment Status. There are several methods to obtain a green card. the following are the main different categories.

1.Green card through marriage

2.Green card through employment

3.Green card through a family

4.Green card through an investment

if you have a plan to settled in an America, then choose a better choice. if you are a applying US visa for the first then take an experienced Immigration attorney NYC to complete your visa process easy. Our immigration lawyers will guide you to get a US visa as well as green card without any delay. Below article describes about easy way to get a green card through marriage visa.

1)US Citizen(green card holder) can petition for Alien Relative to bring fiance and his/her children to the USA for the marriage. for that a US Citizen must file a form I-129f at USCIS. Application fee is $320.

2)Once this I-129F application form approved by the USCIS, it will send to the National visa center (NVC). The National visa center will generate cases number and send to the US embassy where your fiance lives.

3)The National Visa Center inform you through mail letter after it sends your fiance case number to the US consultes. Once you received this mail letter, then you immediately inform to your fiance that He/she immediately start the process of K1 visa.

Required Documents for K1 visa Interview

The foreign citizen fiance need to bring the following forms and documents to the visa interview.

1)your foreign fiance must bring online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form DS-160 confirmation page

2)A valid passport is required.

3)Divorce and Death Certificate

4)Police verification certification

5)Medical Examination

6)Evidence of financial support for that file a form I-134, affidavit of certificate.

7)Two passport size photographs

8)Payment of fees.

How Long will it Take To Get a Fiance (K1) Visa?

After sending a case number by the NYC to the US embassy, the processing time for obtaining a k1 visa is depends on case to case. certain K1 visa cases are delayed because an applicants won’t follow instructions carefully or incomplete information. most of the foreigners who want to apply for a US visa for the first time, they may chance to did mistakes while filing application form. Our specialist immigration attorneys from top immigration law firm “Gehi and associates will guide you step by step methods to get a visa quickly and  easily. if you have any US based legal problems or immigration cases just consult our attorneys at our Law firm Gehi and associates  for free consultation.




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