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H-1B Visa Interview Tips

Step by Step Procedure for applying American Work H1B Visa and Interview Tips:

H-1B visa is the most common way for employers to sponsor professional workers in the U.S. The prerequisite is that the employee must hold a position that requires a bachelor’s degree or at least an equivalent experience in that field. Our Top most Immigration Law Firm Gehi & Associates immigration lawyers will guide you to get American visa easily & quickly.  H1-B Visa Fee details here

 The Process of Getting H-1B Visa

Firstly, you have to demonstrate that there is an employer-employee relationship. According to the USCIS, the start-up can “provide evidence that there is a separate Board of Directors which have the ability to hire, fire, pay, supervise or otherwise control the beneficiary’s employment.”

Furthermore, you have to submit evidence of the right to control your work i.e. Investor Rights Agreement, Stock Purchase Agreement etc. We also advise to submit Employment Agreement between the petitioner and beneficiary.

H-1B Visa for Start-ups

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USA H-1 B Work Visa

In order to qualify for H-1B visa, you have to keep in mind other important considerations that are bona fide job offers, specialty occupation, and sufficiency of production space to accommodate the work of the beneficiary. The beneficiary should have a bona fide job offer from the employer and the employer should pay the beneficiary the prevailing wage. Another requirement here is the proof that there is enough specialty occupation work available for the H-1B beneficiary, and that H-1B beneficiary will not perform other non-speciality occupation tasks. Gehi & Associates is the one of the Top most Immigration Law firm NYC which is located in New York as well as New Jersey in  the United States of America.

Necessary evidences are:

• Articles of Incorporation

• By-laws/Operating Agreement

• Corporate Minutes

• Business Licenses

• Lease Agreement

• Bank statements

• Business Plan

Many foreign nationals have a dream to do job and live permanently in the United States of America. In order to get an opportunity to work with US companies in the US, an applicant must have an advance Degree such as Doctor, Lawyer, Software Engineer, Scientist or at least have two years of past work experience. If you met all these qualifications then you are eligible for H-1B Visa. Click on below image to get H-1B Visa Application process details

H-1B Visa Application Process


Procedure To Apply H-1B Visa for USA:

1.In order to apply for H-1B Visa, the first thing is you should have to find an employer who is willing to offer a job and Sponsor for you in the US. if you could not find Job/Company sponsor from US then you take help from an experienced H-1B visa Immigration attorney NYC will help you to find Company sponsor offer letter.

2.After finding a Job Sponsor US company, must file and send Labor Certification Application to the U.S. Department of Labor. This Labor Certification Application(LCA) Form contains Information regarding H-1B Sponsoring Company.

3.When the Labor Certification Application approved Deportment of Labor that Sponsoring company or US employer must fill form I-129 for Non-Immigrant Worker at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once approved, you must apply for H-1B Visa at your Local US embassy/ Consulate.

4.The Processing time for approved petition depends upon Service center and Visa. It approximately takes 3-6 months to get H-1B Visa.

5.The H-1B Visa application fee or Petition for Non-immigrant Worker is $325. If you want to apply your H-1B Visa through Premium Processing Service( you can get H-1B Visa in quicker time through Premium Service Processing but you have to pay extra Visa fee for Premium Processing Service) for that an alien should have to file a form I-907 and Visa fee for requesting Premium Processing Service is $1,125.

6.While applying H-1B Visa in India, the process for H-1B Visa Stamping is that you need to Fill the H-1B Visa application Form DS-160. This Form can be filled through on line/internet.

7.you have to get a Digital photograph of each applicant. while applying for H-1B Visa, a proper digital photograph must be required. after filling DS-160 form then pay for H-1B & H-4 Visa application fee $190.

8.you get an appointment for Visa Interview and then go for H-1B Visa fingerprint Process.. after taking an appointment with the US embassy for a personnel interview, you have to schedule the fingerprinting appointment at least two days before an interview at US consulate.

9.Finally attend for Visa Interview at your designated US embassy which is located in your city. Click here for H-1B Visa Guidance: H-1B Visa application

10.If you get this then you may live maximum period of staying is Six years in the US. you can also bring your spouse or children to the US.

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